Sinai is a thriller set in post-Mubarak Egypt. I started thinking of writing a novel of sorts back in 2005. I was living in the Occupied Palestinian Territories at the time -Ramallah to be exact- and somehow felt the need to process the things I witnessed, felt, lived. I hadn’t quite an inkling what writing an actual frigging book entailed and discovered in fits and starts that it wasn’t going to be quite as easy as I’d figured. Nor exactly did it turn out to be about my time in Palestine for that matter.

As ideas germinated, loosely jotted on a stalwart Powerbook, backspaced, then percolated again, and again, and again, my scope widened. The larger Middle East beckoned, and with it a broader ruminating on what makes the region tick, and tick, and tick, and occasionally explode. Religion, natural resources, and history vied for a comfy seat in my frontal lobe, popcorn in hand. On the map one particular spot lit up: a bridge between Asia and Africa, crossroad of countless armies, refuge and resting place for persecutor and persecuted alike. The adventure had started.

Welcome to “Sinai”! (the book)

In “Sinai, the blog” I’d like to share some details on how the story came about, historical background to certain themes from the book, and the long road to publication. I’m hoping to entertain and inform both prospective readers and writers. Do subscribe!


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